Dora R. Mason

Mary Q. Moore

Las Amigas, Incorporated is a national, public service, and charitable women’s organization founded by Mrs. Dora R. Mason and Mrs. Mary Q. Moore. It was organized on February 5, 1957 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 12 original members established the following purposes:

  • To foster a closer relationship and a fuller exchange of ideas among members;

  •  To further the enhancement and development of its communities through cultural and civic improvement;

  •  To promote the general improvement of its communities through various projects;

  •  To encourage such other actions as are necessary and proper, and as allowed by law to implement and attain the purposes for which Las Amigas, Inc. was organized.


Las Amigas, Incorporated's, vision continues to unfold as chapters in the states of Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia to reach out to help others. Together, members are building an organization that will flourish and be a well-recognized leader among community service organizations nationally and internationally.



To enhance the quality of life and promote the general improvement of the communities in which we serve. To encourage personal and professional growth, and foster a closer relationship among members.



Provide community services and cultural enrichment through a variety of projects and programs. Extend financial and human support for the general improvement of the communities in which we service. Provide opportunities that contribute to the development of members’ professional and leadership capabilities. Encourage and promote teamwork, full participation in the organization, and exchange of ideas to increase members’ personal growth, pride in their accomplishments, and confidence in their abilities. Recognize and reward members’ contributions to the success of the mission.



Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Good Citizenship, Service, Teamwork and Commitment.



Economic Development, Education, Family, Health, and Political Awareness

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Las Amigas, Incorporated

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