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Increasing literacy in our neighborhoods, one community at a time.

Assisting the community with education and financial resources to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to learn, that children live in more stable environments and that healthier lives become the norm.



We believe that through education, it is the gateway for our children's future. We assist with tutoring and help provide celebrations to motivate and build morale for our Teachers. We continuously give back to communities by giving backpacks, clothing, books and school supplies to children in need.


Las Amigas, Incorporated is committed to increasing the lifelong journey of literacy within our communities. By assisting local schools, educators and parents with the necessary resources, we can combat the rising literacy crisis. 


Our book drive initiative is designed to provide books that teach our children about their rich, cultural history. Every child should feel a sense of self worth when they read books. We feel that our children are better prepared for the future when they visualize themselves in the books that they are reading and realize that they are capable of being anything that they desire. 


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