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Agatha Bouvier Martin Grimes


Through our efforts we Inspire, Inform, Involve, Influence and Impact under represented communities to create a successful economic growth mindset for future generations.


Agatha Bouiver Martin Grimes


Greetings and Welcome
to the National Website of Las Amigas, Incorporated

I am Agatha Bouvier Martin Grimes, your 21st National President.   On behalf of the executive team and the sensational sisters of Las Amigas, I am elated that you have chosen to visit our website!   


Please allow me to take a moment and share my vision for Las Amigas.  My appointment as president is the culmination of 19 years of service to this esteemed organization, serving at the local, regional and national levels.  I have had an opportunity to be mentored by some of the best women that our organization has to offer.  Know that I am committed to deliver and move our organization forward as we push to become a thriving entity committed to public service in our nation and beyond.  As a non-profit organization, we will continue to seek partnerships with other organizations and entities that help in our quest to educate and expose our communities to opportunities for self-development and growth. 


Our organization was founded in 1957 on values and principles that we continue to be guided by in our sisterhood.  Those principles include a focus on enhancing quality of life and promoting the general improvement of our communities, encouraging personal growth and fostering a closer relationship among our membership.  Under these guiding principles, my mission as president is to grow our membership, develop new chapters, re-energize existing chapters, and grow and expand our regions.   


Please take a moment to peruse our website and, if you are not already a member, find a chapter in your area to join and become a part of our sisterhood!  I look forward to engaging each of you at a Las Amigas, Inc. activity very soon. 


With Warm Regards,

Agatha Bouvier Martin Grimes

21st National President

Las Amigas, Incorporated


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