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Las Amigas, Incorporated is a national, public service, and charitable women’s organization founded by two teachers, Mrs. Dora R. Mason and Mrs. Mary Q. Moore. It was organized on February 5, 1957 in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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Dora R. Mason

Letter from our founder Dora R. Mason

No man is an island. No man stands alone. Each man's joy is joy to me. Each man's grief is my own. We see one another. So I will defend each man as my brother. Each man as my friend.

As I write this article it brings to mind that in eight months, Las Amigas will begin the thirty-fifth year of dedicated service to our fellowman.

I consider each of us as Bridge Builders, when we speak of Bridge Builders, we readily think of engineers who build bridges to span the mighty rivers. They are needed for convenient and safe travel, but there is a need for bridges that you and I can build. Bridges that will make this world a better place to live, for those in need of Las Amigas Service.

I will name a few of the bridges that Las Amigas Sisters can continue to build upon: Love, Friendship, Tolerance, Faith, Hope and Acceptance.

When there is strife in our Chapters, let us build a bridge of Love and Understanding. When we think of an individual as our enemy the bridge of friendship can be the answer. Let us stop and take inventory of the situations and remember that we all are the children of God, and Great Bridge Builders in our respective communities. Orchids to each of you for your dedication to Las Amigas, and for the service you render in your community.

May God continue to richly bless each of you.

Dora R. Mason

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Letter from our founder Mary Q. Moore

Sisters of Las Amigas,

Can you really believe a year has passed and we are meeting again, to chart the business of Las Amigas for the present and the future. I look forward to this time each year when we meet and greet each other.

We have reached many milestones in our organization because of your dedication and participation. You have given countless hours of your time, ideas and energy that has caused Las Amigas to move forward.

Your sincerity and leadership to Las Amigas has proven through the years that we as strong black women can shoulder responsibilities to make meaningful things happen in our communities. Sisters there is nothing like leaning on each other for support. We are unique in various ways such as rendering service to others, having outstanding members in various fields, developing outstanding chapters, making sure our attendance is great in attending meetings and for the sisterliness that each of you portray.

God has blessed all of us in so many ways. It is wonderful to be in your mist and I salute each of you!

Mary Q. Moore

Mary Q. Moore


Mary Q. Mason 

To enhance the quality of life and promote the general improvement of the communities in which we serve. Additionally, our goal is to encourage personal and professional growth and foster a closer relationship among our members.



The twelve original members established the following principals for the Las Amigas organization. 
Las Amigas, Incorporated has from the beginning, created an atmosphere that fosters a closer relationship and a fuller exchange of ideas among members. To remain relevant, Las Amigas must further the enhancement and development of its communities through cultural and civic improvement. Our goal is to work with our communities to promote the general improvement of our neighborhoods through various projects.


Our mission will be achieved by: providing community services and cultural enrichment through a variety of projects and programs. One of our goals, is to extend financial and human support for the general improvement of the communities in which we serve.


Additionally, we provide opportunities that contribute to the development of members’ professional and leadership capabilities. This is achieved by encouraging and promoting teamwork, full participation in the organization, and exchange of ideas to increase members’ personal growth, pride in their accomplishments, and confidence in their abilities.


Lastly, we recognize and reward members’ contributions to the success of the mission.

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